Halal Certification

The term ‘Halal’ is an Arabic which literally means ‘lawful’ or ‘permissible’. In Islam, this term refers to many aspects of daily life, but in relation to the roduction of products such as food, drink, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, it refers to the composition of the products and the environment in which they are produced. The ingredients used must be judged to be lawful according to the principles of Islamic law.

The most important principle relates to the slaughter of meat. Briefly, for slaughter of an animal to be considered ‘Halal’, the name of God must be invoked before the slaughter is carried outfit must be done with a sharp knife in one movement, severing the trachea, esophagus, both jugular veins and both carotid arteries.  he animal must then be allowed to bleed out completely. Throughout the process, pain to the animal must be minimized.


  • As a confirmation for Muslim customers that the food served is Halal and is in accordance with Islamic Law.
  • Assure customers that the food served is Halal and healthy and the premise's hygiene and sanitation procedures are in top-notch.
  • Widen the range of customers by attracting Muslim customers and non-Muslim who are Halal consumers.
  • Increase a restaurant's revenue and enhance its marketability especially to Halal consumers.
  • If planning to export, the Halal certificate will help to assure Halal consumers in importing countries.

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